How to sell or give away a load of old Beano comics and annuals?
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How/where to sell/give away a load of old Beano comics, annuals, magazines and suchlike as a job lot?

From a bit of googling it seems these things aren't worth much, but I'd prefer them to go to someone who wants them, rather than just dump them.

Does anyone know of a way to sell them to a collector, or shop as a job lot (or a small number of job lots)? Or I wouldn't mind giving them away if it doesn't involve any expense (e.g. p&p), and they aren't worth much.

I've not used Ebay - I can see some similar auctions but without much interest, and I don't want to have to spend lots of time on Ebay to get rid of these things in small portions.
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You might contact William Smith at Hangfire Books (full disclosure, a friend of mine) - he might have some advice on what to do, or perhaps interest in it himself.
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Is there some specific reason you don't want to use Craigslist? That'd be the obvious choice, since it seems money is less important to you than the stuff going to someone who wants it. It costs nothing to try, in any case.

(I don't know where you live but Beano would suggest the UK to me, and I know Craigslist exists there at least for major cities though I have no idea how popular it is.)
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Response by poster: Woops, forgot to mention I am in UK. I hadn't thought of Craigslist.
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Gumtree, Friday-Ad, or a freecycle list are all good places to get rid of stuff like that.
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I would be willing to buy them. Memail me with the descriptions and postage to the us please.
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