Where to find an ebook or pdf of "Harris and Me" by Gary Paulsen
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Where can I find an ebook or pdf of "Harris and Me" by Gary Paulsen?


First-time asker here.

I'm trying to find a place online where I can download an ebook/pdf of "Harris and Me" by Gary Paulsen. Ideally, I would *like* to buy it legitimately, but at this point I'll settle for just about anything.

I'm legally blind, so I can't read physical print. I use a Kindle Fire to be able to read books now (huge text and inverted color make it nice and easy on the ol' eyeballs). I'm adapting "Harris and Me" for a screenwriting adaptation course in school. When I started the script, my vision was still decent enough for me to read my physical copy of the book with just magnification. But, as my vision's worsened, using that copy is no longer an option.

I've spent ages looking all over for a pdf/ebook of "Harris and Me" but have had no luck. Also, with the poor vision, it's not exactly easy for me to do online research.

So any help or advice that anyone can provide would be tremendously appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Take Care, all.
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http://1dollarscan.com/ will convert any book to PDF (and a variety of other formats) for a few bucks per hundred pages. (They say a dollar, but there are some nice features - OCR and so forth - that cost an extra dollar per "set" of 100 pages.) I used them for textbooks and academic books in grad school, since I didn't really have the physical strength to lug around all the books I needed.

As a nice bonus, for an extra dollar per set, they'll take delivery directly from Amazon.
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Open Library, a project of the Internet Archive, will let you borrow an eBook version of Harris and Me. They also have an "digital talking book" version available in DAISY format in cooperation with the Library of Congress National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS).
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That open library link is fabulous! But if for whatever reason that doesn't work for you, it may be worth emailing the publisher: "Hi, I'm jamesdtj and I'm working on a class project involving Harris and Me. Unfortunately, I'm severely visually impaired and cannot read the print copy. Is there a digital version or a PDF I could use? I'm happy to pay for it, obviously!"

Depending on who you get and how busy they are they may send you whatever the have on hand.
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Would an audiobook be useful?
Are you a member of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (now Learning Ally) -- they have that on Audiobook.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your prompt suggestions.

I'm looking into all of your ideas now. Just waiting for people to get back to me, for the most part.

Again, thank you all for your advice.

If anyone has further advice, I would be more than happy to hear it.
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