Menu Hell - Help!?
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I'm trying to find a hilarious skit I heard on public radio. I am almost certain it was Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor but I can't find the show. Maybe someone will remember? It was a phone call to a company for help but it was Menu Hell and he said he didn't need "support" he needed help! The silly phone menu kept asking dumb questions and it turns into a circular kind of thing. It was truly funny and I'd love to know when and where I heard that skit. It seems like it was within the past couple of months and like I said, I'm almost sure it was a "Guy Noir" type skit on Prairie.
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Yes, this was on Prairie Home Companion. It was lives of the cowboys. Garrison was shot and had called 911 but had to go through a directory. It was about five weeks ago, if I recall.
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You know, I think you're right. It was a call to 911. Google isn't bringing anything up. Aren't those scripts and clips available online?
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It wasn't Lives of the Cowboys. You were right - it was Guy Noir. This episode, at the 16 minute mark the sketch starts. The 911 bit happens at about minute 23.
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Guy Noir.

SS (ROBOT): Hello. Welcome to the 9-1-1 automated assistance hotline. This call may be monitored for quality assurance. Your call is important to us. To help us better assist your call, please tell us what you're calling about. For example, if your appendix has burst, say, "appendix". If you are having a heart attack, say, "heart attack".

GK: I've been shot.

SS (ROBOT): Okay. I heard, "shot". Is this correct? Say yes or no.

GK: Yes.

SS (ROBOT): Okay. You want a shot. Is this for tetanus, chickenpox, shingles, HPV—

GK: Gunshot.


SS (ROBOT): You said gunshot. Have you been shot with a firearm?

GK: Yes.
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That's it!! Thank you sooo much. If you haven't already, you should listen to it; funny stuff. Thanks again - much appreciated!
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