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Amy's Frozen Vegetable Lasagna. Regular or even the lower sodium. We LOVE it. For some reason it has disappeared from our local supermarkets. Today I went to Whole Foods, ShopRite AND Stop and Shop. They only had the tofu version. It's also not available anymore online through Amazon. Does anyone know where we can get it or why it is so hard to find?
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Maybe there was a product recall? Why not use the contact form on the Amy's website and ask?
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Check Trader Joe's. Sometimes they have products very similar to Amy's.
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Best answer: Go to Amy's website and contact them. They are very helpful about finding retailers in your area that stock the specific product for which you're looking.
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Best answer: Nthing the contact form on their website. I asked them a question something like a a year ago that way and I actually received an honest to god, written by a real person, complete with correct spelling and helpful information response.

If it turns out they've just stopped making it (that happens sometimes with Amy's), take comfort in the fact that lasagna is one of the things that is best to make yourself and freeze for later. There are lots of copycat recipes for Amy's stuff floating around online, and even more veggie lasagna recipes that your family might like even more. (And it might make a good AskMe!)
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Best answer: You can buy Amy's products directly off of their website.
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Best answer: Yep. Talk to Amy's. Whoever runs their Facebook page is reasonably responsive. If you don't get an answer, memail me and I'll ask my neighbor, who used to be their marketing manager, next time I see him walking his dog.
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Best answer: Additionally, if you can store a case most grocery stores will order you a case and maybe even give a discount. I used to work at a health food store and we sold dozens of cases a week of special orders.

Sometimes you just have to given in to your soy-turducken taquitoe slavery.
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I just saw the veggie version at our local Costco.
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Response by poster: THanks everyone, It never occurred to me to go straight to Amy, but I did. They emailed back within 12 hours and sent me a list of local stores where it was in stock. We bought out the dozen they had, plus Amy's is sending us some coupons!
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