Pastry Chef Gifts
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Gift ideas for pastry chef that recently turned pro.

I'm hoping to find something that is supportive of a new career choice and comes off as pretty "personal". Hopefully it isn't something that is consumable so it lasts a while and is under $25 or so.

What kind of things do bakers think are cool?
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Something I used every single day in the kitchen was my pocketknife. You don't want to use a nice knife to open packages/boxes, and there are a couple times I can think of when having my own very sharp knife (as opposed to the knives I used all day) absolutely saved my ass when I was in a do-or-die, in-the-weeds situation.

I like the Spyderco Ladybug, but someone with bigger hands might like a larger knife.

I would have said a good paring knife, but they're likely to already have their favorite.
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Here's a link to a professional baking supply shop that does mail order...some specialist silicone molds in unusual shapes might be nice, because it's the kind of thing they can always use even if they have already have some.
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