I need dice dammit!
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I need to buy/obtain at least one set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 (pos d00)) by Wednesday morning (6th June BST). Problem: I will be travelling to London Tuesday morning (5th June), and it's a public holiday, so not many shops, especially specialist gaming shops, will be open. Is there an online shop that will deliver in less than 24 hours, or will there be an IRL shop open in London on Tuesday? Thanks!
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Throwing this out there, have you considered having someone you know in London buy them for you today?
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Response by poster: I was going to go to the Orc's Nest in Camden before I found out they were going to be closed on Tuesday...

Loto: it's already Tuesday here, plus Monday is/was a public holiday anyway...
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Best answer: Forbidden Planet on Shaftsbury Avenue will probably have them and is definitely open.
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Maybe use the Games Workshop store finder to locate both GW and independent stores, then call the ones that are most convenient to confirm?
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Wolfram alpha from any Internet source:

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Response by poster: Monsieur Caution, you've saved my bacon! According to a comment left on GW's Oxford St Facebook page by their manager, they are indeed open. Thank you.

DarlingBri, thanks also. If for some reason GW doesn't have any, I'll pop over to FP.
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TBH, I'd been more hopeful about the independent stores working out, e.g. perhaps Dark Sphere. I'm not really certain GW stores sell a full line of accessories. :\
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For future reference... there's an app for that.
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Response by poster: GW didn't have any, but FP did. Thanks all!

Also saw the Queen; bonus!
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