Can pants be tailored in this way?
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I have jeans that fit great but are far more baggy than I'd like below the knees. Can the lower leg portion of pants be made more slim-fitting? Also, if anyone has recommendations for affordable but quality tailors in San Francisco who could do this, I'd appreciate it.
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I can report that I've had the lower-half of jeans slimmed down with great results.

As for a SF tailor, I can't help. You might consider contacting the folks at SelfEdge for a denim-specific recommendation, although they will likely advise a more expensive shop.
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Seconding SelfEdge. can't recommend them enough... if they can't do it, they'll recommend someone that can.
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I've done this with a few pairs of jeans ($25) - and have always gone to C&W Tailoring in the Outer Sunset:
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Victoria at Creative Tailor in the Tenderloin/Nob Hill can do this for you easily. She is great.

(Huh. I see from the Yelp listing that it's now called Victoria's Clothing ReDesign. Same thing though, on Sutter.)
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