In search of broadband
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I have recently moved to Culver City (Southern California) and I need the best broadband available.

Fast, at least 1mbps, No capping, No iffy uptime. Just solid and reliable down/up speeds. I don't care if its wireless, wired, copper, cable, tin-cans-and-string. I will be using VOIP, ROKU, and heaving uploads/downloads (work related). I do not wish to spend over $100/month

My new zip is 90232

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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Do NOT use Clear Wireless. See my comment here.
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Time Warner Cable has excellent speeds and reliability. It's part of my bundle, so I can't say how much it is, but it would probably fall within your budget. Also, they have specials all the time & provide the equipment.
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Availability from neighborhood to neighborhood really varies, so you'll have to check...but I work with a pretty tech-savvy crowd on the westside and the generally favored option is FIOS.
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I'll second FIOS and it's weird availability, so yeah, look into it for your block.
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FIOS is not available, next option?
posted by digdan at 10:52 AM on June 5, 2012

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