What happened to my VLC media player?
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What happened to my VLC media player? Suddenly all screwed up.

Suddenly most (90%) of videos are showing in B&W, and only the top left corner of the video fills the screen.

I am using 2.0.1, but it seems this problem of strange cropping was not related directly to the update? I just rolled back to 2.0, and still screwed up.

I must have done something, but I haven't downloaded any codec, software, or done anything else that would be an obvious suspicious thing to screw everything up like this...

I am kind of flummoxed, what do I do to fix this?
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Which OS?
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Which OS are you using? On Windows you'll have a "Reset VLC media player preferences and cache" shortcut in your Start Menu, and in any case on the "Preferences" menu in the VLC standard GUI you should see a "Reset Preferences" button. Either approach should solve your issue.
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sadly tried both of those things, Inspector.Gadget, no change...
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And just for the record, I am now back with 2.0 not 2.0.1. Still hoping for an easy fix...
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Well shit... again just for posterity, found the fix.

Tools - Preferences - Video, unchecked the box "use hardware YUV - RGB conversion", and now everything is normal.

There is no way that I ever ticked or unticked that setting before, but whatever it is working now.
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What's much more likely is that your video card's driver borked the converter. You might try installing new drivers or reverting to old ones if you want to use the hardware converter.
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System restore to the good old days, perhaps.
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