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Fishing and boating in Oregon's inland waters while on vacation - sanity check on regs and permits, please?

In August, we (two adults, two kids under age 12) are meeting up with some friends for a week at a lake in the Southern Oregon Cascades - woo hoo! I will be spending a nice chunk of that time fishing - double woo hoo! I have a 13' aluminum fishing boat (15 hp motor) that I intend to bring/use, and I just want to make sure I understand the current regs on its use.

From what I've read online, Oregon currently does roving "spot" inspections for invasive species, so if I see signs for an inspection station while we are driving up I need to pull over and have the boat inspected. Same if I see an inspection station set up at the boat launch at the lake we will be visiting. No problemo - I fully support this effort and agree with its merit and purpose. However, absent one of these roving inspection stations I am not required to get my boat inspected. Is this correct? CA regs seem to be a bit more formal on this point, so I just want to understand the law in OR.

As an out of state resident in Oregon for less than 60 days, I am not required to complete the Oregon boater education/licensing test. Is any other sort of temp. boating license required for out of state residents?

Finally, I am required to get a temporary/short term, non-resident fishing license, but my kids are exempt because they are under age 14. Is this correct?

Is the above accurate and complete? Am I missing anything? Our trip isn't until August, so I should have ample time to take care of any stray bureaucracy as long as I can suss out what it is. Thanks!
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Best answer: Call 'em. Honestly, everyone I've dealt with in Oregon's government bureaucracy, from Parks & Rec, to zoning to even the goddamn DMV, has been great here in Oregon. You might need to talk to a couple people but just try the phone.
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Best answer: Update/resolution: I did take amanda's suggestion and called the Klamath County Sheriff's Office Marine Division. Unfortunately, they had a new voice mail system and it took approx. three weeks for someone to return my call. Ultimately they did call me back with (what I believe to be) the correct answer: currently, the OR invasive species abatement/prevention program is not fully funded. At the moment, out of state visitors who want to bring a boat into Oregon must purchase a $22 "permit" to do so, and that permit fulfills the legal requirement for out-of-state boat use. The permits can be purchased online. There is some hope that the fees collected by the permits will fund the program in the future, but no one is holding their breath.
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