Do you remember this study about deep/meaningful conversations?
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There was a study a few years back where they had two people meet and discuss a list of questions. The control pairs got a basic set of superficial interview questions (what's your name, do you have siblings, where are you from) and the other got a specially designed set of questions that increasingly went into meaningful, personal topics. At the end, pairs in the test group tended to report a deep bond with their partner and went on to become friends after the study. Can you find me the study and/or the questions?
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Are you thinking about this?
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Response by poster: It's about the same idea; this was just a bit more structured. (And the questions were in a specific order; they started relatively harmless and got really personal by the end)
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Best answer: Are you thinking about the one referenced in Snoop: what your stuff says about you?

If so it was Arthor Aron's The Sharing Game and a list of the questions can be found here
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Response by poster: I have no recollection of ever having picked up that book, but the text is errily familiar and these are definitely the questions. Thank you! Question: the list you linked is entitled "36 questions" but only lists 27 questions...are there 9 more somewhere?
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Best answer: Funnily enough, found what seems to be a complete list on a Pick Up Artist forum
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