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DC restaurant recommendation in Dupont - looking for a quieter place for a work dinner

I need to set up a work dinner and would like to find a place that is nice and somewhat fun but still quiet so that we can talk about work. I was thinking about Tabard Inn or Circa, but they both seem too loud. Any ideas?
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Rasika (of Penn Quarter fame) recently opened a restaurant (Rasika West End) on New Hampshire between M & L). Their food is to die for - especially the goat cheese kulcha and the mango lassis! They have two different private dining areas - the library, and the garden room.
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It's a little bit south, in West End, but Blue Duck might fit the bill.
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How many people?'s Going Out Guide includes a decibels rating for most restaurants they've reviewed, so that may help as well.
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Le Pain Quotidien is generally quiet. Not sure if it meet your formal "nice" requirement but I think the food is good.
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Mourayo is very delicious and has been quiet every time I've been by. Circa tends to be loud and I honestly think their food is overpriced and not that exciting.
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I can recommend La Tomate; they have a number of levels, so it's easy to request a quiet corner, and a big menu that ranges from affordable to fancy. It's a cloth napkin type of place. Half the time when I'd head to Bistro du Coin with friends (clearly the cooler choice), we'd end up at La Tomate due to long waits and deafening noise at the alternative.
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