"Daily look" & closet organizer app for Android?
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A silly question: what "closet organizer/style manager" app for Android will allow me to easily take and store pictures of my actual outfit (ie. me wearing clothes), along with storing pictures of individual pieces from my wardrobe and their arrangements (ie. a "blueprint" for my outfit)?

I can't believe I'm asking this, but anyway...

I've found several applications in Google Play store which allow me to take photos of my clothes, tag or categorize them, and then plan my outfit by putting the individual photos together. But I'd like to take a photo of the resulting outfit (or the one I choose to wear instead), so I still have some kind of a log of what I actually wore and how it looked.

I know I could just take a photo of myself using the standard camera app, but I'd like the outfit photos to be separate from the rest of my photos. (I don't want to have to explain why my gallery is full of crappy head-to-toe self-portraits whenever I'm showing holiday photos to friends.)

I've read the reviews of the following apps and I don't think they're what I'm looking for:
My Fashion Assistant
ANDress 2
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You should be able to add a .nomedia file in the directory containing your outfit photos to get Android's Gallery app to ignore it. Caveat: you'll have to manually browse for/view images in that directory.
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Response by poster: For anyone interested, I've since discovered that ClosetVirtual actually does exactly what I wanted - when adding a new outfit, you can choose tab "Self" and take a photo of yourself. You can then access both planned and photographed outfits through Calendar feature of the app.
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