Recommend best site or store for Ralph Lauren and Lacoste sales?
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Recommend best site or store for Ralph Lauren and Lacoste sales (Men)? I see almost every Tom, Dick and Harry wear these brands these days. I doubt everyone is paying $85 for a polo. Any suggestions on where/when clothes from these brands can be purchased at a discount? Stores - NY/NJ
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Polo Outlet at Woodbury Commons. Lacoste has an outlet there too.
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Goodwill and Salvation Army

Might take a little bit of searching and waiting and luck, but they're there.
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Burlington Coat Factory
TJ Maxx
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Outlet stores, but, part of the reason you are seeing "every Tom, Dick and Harry wear these brands these days" is because T, D & H can very easily get counterfeits from China, either by buying on-line or finding a street corner (and one sees them on Craigslist and similar). Googling something like "buy cheap lacoste" will fetch up sites with the relevant junk if you are curious.

(The knock-offs also show up in the thrift shops, so make sure you know what you are doing if buying anywhere outside of the normal retail chain. EBay is very risky too. I'm not entirely sure having $12 fakes on the market is a bad thing -- an $85 polo is a stupid polo and is begging for retail comeuppance -- but it is probably not what you are intending to buy.)
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FYI, outlets will have Polos in popular colors and type (mesh) for $40-$50 and Lacostes $50-60.
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Many of them are counterfeit


They are also on eBay ... but are less obvious and priced closer to retail ... as the brand owners are more on top of policing eBay.

They are also very cheaply for sale of the streets of many countries
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You know, Macy's has incredible sales. You can get a 20% off coupon on top of whatever sale there is. There is always Century 21, but the Macy's sales are better than the Century prices!!
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the Macy's sales are better than the Century prices!!

But the clothes they sell at Century 21 are nicer. There's definitely a quality tradeoff.

I do most of my shopping in January during the post-Christmas sales. Nordstrom also has a men's sale in July. For discount stores, though Filene's Basement is gone, there is Nordstrom Rack if you're looking for designer clothing at a discount.

Keep in mind that there are several tiers of RL and Lacoste polo shirts. If you stick to Macy's during the sales, you can get the most affordable line at a decent discount.
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Just nthing what Yellow said about Macy's. I get Husbunny his Nautica there, usually for about $20 per shirt. (You've got to be BOLD about weird colors!)

I can get Polo for about 60% off, 50% on clearance, with the 20% coupons.

Lacoste will only, very occasionally go on sale, but once in a blue moon, I'll get one as a treat. At the cheapest I can get one for $45-$40.

You may also have to go to different Macy's to discover which one has the best selection and clearance sales. For example in Atlanta, it's Perimeter Mall. Lots to choose from and everything is all on one floor, so it's easy to go from Tommy Hilfiger to Polo to Lacoste to Nautica. Lenox Mall is multi-level and I've never found a bargain there (although ballers and rappers to spare.)

I was extremely disapponted in the flagshop store on 34th St in New York, but I'm willing to bet that you can find a decent selection in Jersey.

The idea is you want an upscale area, but not too upscale.
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Response by poster: ok Thanks. So I need to look out for a sale at Macys. I had a feeling that these brands dont go on sale too much. I will check again.

Which malls would you recommend in NJ? And I am not interested in fakes from China.
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Response by poster: Just wanted to add that the flagship Macys store in NY didnt seem to offer more than 10% on Ralph Lauren polos. I could be wrong but this is what I observed.
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I'd hit up Woodbury Commons, even though it isn't the easiest place to get to. Never taken that bus from the Port Authority.

Slightly off topic, and possibly not what you're looking for, but I'm going to throw out the idea of the Barney's Warehouse Sale whenever it happens this summer (probably in August? Just moved back to NYC). Not the best place for RL or Lacoste, but I've found some absolutely fantastic bargains there.
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At the risk of sounding like a noob, would it be worth keeping an eye out for those sample stores that pop up? Also, re. outlets, I got good prices on stuff at Jersey Gardens which was very easy to get to by bus.
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Where do you live in NJ? I go to the Short Hills Mall a lot and I get a lot of good deals and I use a saleswoman named Ruby in the men's department for everything I need. Even if it is on a different floor, she will go get it for me and she will have coupons if I forget mine. Is that too far for you? I think most of the major malls will have a Macy's.
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Oh, there is a 20% off coupon in the paper. Pick up a free Metro!
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Response by poster: Yellow - Thanks for the help!
Thought short hills mall was one of the most expensive and some would say overpriced malls in NJ.

It would appear you have had a very different experience
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