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What the heck am I supposed to wear with this low-back wedding dress?

I am going to wear this dress at my July wedding. I have 34Ds up front. What are my bra options? I would love to get a little "push-up" effect with some cleavage, if at all possible.

I've searched Google, but all I get is ads/stores, no real advice for what works best. Anecdata appreciated!
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They're called corset bras or bustier bras. Like this.
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Oh oops - I didn't realize just how low cut that is. You need to have your dressmaker sew a shelf bra into the dress. I've seen corset bras that are fairly low in the back, but I don't know about anything that's below the waist.
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boob tape. or an adhesive bra.
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Ask your alterations person to sew bust cups into your dress. 34Ds aren't that big, so those should work just fine.
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The adhesive bra is way less awful than I thought it would be. No gross sweaty feelings.

(also, Congrats! Pretty dress!)
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Sew in bra cups like these. Your fitter should be familiar with them. Mazel tov!
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I bought my strapless, low back dress at David's Bridal and had cups sewn into the dress with no issues. It's pretty standard, from what I could tell.
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Lots of places have backless bras now. They're not bad.
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My wedding dress was backless - don't wear a regular bra all day before the wedding. You don't want a red bra band stripe on your back. I just wore a sweatshirt to go get my hair done and everything. (I have no help for the bra itself. I went without a bra under the dress but I was 22 and an A cup. Wouldn't work now!)
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What a lovely dress! If you're worried about your bra showing in pictures or during the ceremony, perhaps a little bolero jacket with the same sort of cap sleeves would cover the back for extra security.
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I also had cups sewn into my very low-backed dress; it worked perfectly.
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Yeah, this looks like a case where you get someone to build bra cups in for you.

If you don't go that route, probably the best backless/strapless bra for D cups is the sort that looks quite corset-y from the front, and then fastens with a broad elastic band at your waist so that all that's visible from the back is the waistband. That ought to be concealed by your dress, assuming the white ribbon goes at your natural waist. Most companies make these, but they'll all be different shapes, so your best bet would be to take your dress along to a department store and try on several.
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I got married a year ago (today!) in a strapless low-back dress with 36G boobs.

I wore something akin to this. It's like a piece of armor, but it holds everything *in* and doesn't show even with a low-back dress. Here's my front and my back for reference. (Oh yeah, and also my dad, my baby, some friends, and my tattoo.)
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Man I hate sew-in cups for big boobs. That open back goes just about to your waist... this is the lowest-backed longline I could find but I still have doubts it might show. (also on that page is a link to the Dominque 8541 that sonika links to above.

There's also this bad boy from VS. I would find some reviews as to how sturdy it is though. Ditto goes for smaller this adhesive one. There might be a better, heavier-duty brand than VS.

VS also had a 100 way bra but I can't seem to find a current listing for it on their page. There's a bunch of ones in nude on ebay in 36D, but not 34, but might work.

Obviously I betray my people when I link to VS after that awesome bra-sizing post on the blue, but in times of desperation...! If only Cersei could hook you up.

Congrats and good luck!
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I'm a 32D and I'm Bring It Up's biggest fan. Seriously, they make you look like you have perfect, perky boobs, are very comfortable, and if you're a D, you don't even have to trim them to fit. If you're worried about sweat and the adhesive: I've worn them to numerous Texas summer events where I am soaked in sweat and those suckers STILL performed. A++++ would apply to my boobs again.
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One of the commenters noted that she had bra cups sewn into the dress, and I think that is the way to go!

You will feel most comfortable if you are in control of this, rather than on trying to make something else that isn't specifically made for THIS dress, like a corset bra, work with it.

Congratulations! That is a beautiful dress, and I know you will look lovely
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I think your best option is to have backless support built in.

For the ceremony itself, I think it would be all kinds of ethereal to have an white silk veil, the same size and shape as a bellydance veil (say a bit wider than your arm span) dip-dyed to icy blue, and then you could drape it over your front to cover your chest and upper arms.

Then at the reception, throw off the veil and let your cleavage say a big hello to a breathless public.
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I bought this exact dress for my upcoming wedding, apparently having forgotten about my uh....ample chest. I bought this. It's nowhere near as uncomfortable as the reviews say. Check Ultimo's website for sizing.
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Forgot to add you can get it in non-DD+ sizes too.
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Thanks all! Very helpful.
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