Books on Non-Violent Conflict Resolution?
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Books on non-violent conflict resolution?

Hi AskMe, I'm interested in non-violent conflict resolution methods--and the theories and research behind "talking it out" with a potentially violent person. Basically, the kind of things that would be taught to a hostage negotiator or someone in a similar position.

I'm looking for books (huge bonus if they're available for Kindle or another eBook format) but other resources are welcome too. Thanks!
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Sun Tzu's Art of War is just as applicable when read to apply to nonviolent confrontation.
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Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. It focusses on how to "talk it out" rather than theories and research behind it, and the writing style is more on the self-help side, but I found the information inside to be surprisingly practical and effective.
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Getting to Yes is the de-facto standard on dispute resolution. I don't recall if they have any tips on hostage negotiation.
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I know you said books and not films, but I am a filmmaker and film critic, and recently saw an amazing film on this topic called Face to Face. If either of these tidbits adds to your level of interest, it's written and directed by the main director behind Battlestar Galactica, and Michael Moore said that everyone in America should see it.
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