Christian Martyrs
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I have heard of a calendar depicting Christian Martyrs, and the ways they died (e.g. St Stephen/stoning) including paintings. Any ideas?
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Do you mean a mass-produced calendar for sale or a historical work?
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don't know; this was a rumor
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Baring-Gould's 'Lives of the Saints' has saints listed by days of the year according to feast days/name days. I've seen abridged versions of this that use reproductions of classical paintings as illustrations, saints depicted with symbols of their martyrdom (if not the actual moment of it).
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The superlative Patron Saints Index site includes an extremely thorough Sanctoral Calendar with over seven thousand entries, many of which include images and links to source material. Maybe more information than you're looking for.
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Are you thinking of something like a wall calendar with a depiction/painting/description of each martyr for every day of the calender month? Not to say they don't exist, but I've never seen one of those...

If you're thinking of just a wall calendar that has the martyrs' names listed on their feast day, with perhaps the most notable or interesting one depicted artistically on the main panel above, I get lots of different Catholic calendars in the mail that are like this. I would think almost any Catholic calendar you buy would meet this requirement.

Not a wall calendar, but if you just want a book arranged by calendar date of martyrdom (i.e., feast days), check out any one of the available Roman Martyrologies (more about it here). To my knowledge, there isn't an illustrated martyrology in print right now.
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well, actually. I was primarily interested in paintings/depictions of the Saints, w/ their relevant martyrdoms. i.e. Memling’s Martyrdom of St. Sebastian. if these were catalogued by date, so much the better.
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