Seeking clinic and urgent care recommendations in southern Baltimore suburbs
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Just moved to Baltimore (working in Columbia), haven't had time to unpack let alone find a new PCP, and wouldn't you know it, i'm sick. Does anyone have any recommendations for a drop-in clinic or urgent care facility in the Laurel-Ellicott City-Columbia area that (a) won't charge ER rates and (b) has decent staff? I found several when I googled, but have no way to evaluate them other than google recommendations. Bonus points if you can ALSO recommend other good practitioners (I need a primary care physician, an endocrinologist and a dermatologist) in that area or the south side of Baltimore for when I have time to set up appointments for initial visits.
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Best answer: Righttime medical care. Across from Ho Co General Hospital. I've been there half a dozen times for myself and my kids and it's been great every time.

Make an appointment for ASAP then just drive over. I've never waited more than 30 minutes. Usually in and out in an hour, as opposed to 5-12 hours at the emergency room.

Will never go to the emergency room again unless it's life-or-death. 888 808 6483 is the number on the fridge magnet.
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Best answer: Also recommending Right Time Medical Care. Call them first and tell them you're sick.
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