MRI/MRA in Israel
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Anybody know about the cost of getting an MRI or MRA in Israel (or Cairo)? This is my student insurance, and it puts imaging under "Included in the limits of liability". I'm not sure what that means. I am unable to get this done in the US due to scheduling conflicts. I'll be in Jerusalem this summer and then in Cairo this fall, but am not sure what my insurance will be in Cairo (and I also know less about Egypt's health system in general). Thanks!
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Thank you for posting that, it's very interesting.

"Included in the limits of liability" there means your MRI will be covered, but only from a place approved by your insurance, within the $120,000 USD total liability per year. I do not see any copayment or deduction there. You must call their call center for approval before having a procedure in Cairo or anywhere outside of Israel. You could call their call center and they may have a range of prices for Israel or Cairo. I don't know if prices there are as obscured to the patient as they generally are in US.

I have no idea of Israel or Cairo prices, but the current US issue (July 2012) of Consumer Reports lists a "Brain MRI" in US as having a range from $504 to $2520.

This page lists an unspecified MRI type price in US as from $1700 to $3700.

I would expect Israel/Cairo prices to be around the same range.

I am not a doctor, I am not a lawyer.
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That jjust means it comes out of the $120,000 rather than having its own separate limit.
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