How dangerous is this part of Seattle to walk around at 11PM at night?
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How dangerous is this part of Seattle to walk around at 11PM at night?

My wife and son (he'll be 10) are attending a B'z concert in Seattle in September. The concert is at the Showbox Sodo. We're staying at the Silver Cloud Inn (Stadium).

This appears to be the walking route to the hotel from the Showbox.

How safe is it to walk to the hotel after the concert? I won't be able to pick them up because I'll be staying at the hotel with our youngest.
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That's not really very far. I expect it will be fine.
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It will be perfectly fine. There's actually a Mariners game that night, probably letting out after 10:00, so there will be plenty of residual activity from that, and the route goes right by the stadium. I don't think there is anything to worry about. It's not a really a dangerous area at all, even when there's nothing going on.
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That area can be a little dodgy sometimes but I think it'd be fine.
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Yep, you'll be fine. Occidental Park is just about the only place I'd caution visitors to give a wide berth. And even that isn't really "dangerous".
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Agreed it will be fine. It's only a couple of blocks, which I've walked along at night for Sounders' games, Mariners' games and Showbox shows a number of times. The street is well-lit and there are families of all ages, as well as law enforcement presence whenever there's a sporting event (traffic cops, but still). The most you'll run into is the neon sign for the Dream Girls Adult club, but I've never, even on a busy night of people, seen any sort of devious loitering outside the club. Enjoy the show!
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For extra peace of mind (even though they would surely be fine walking) you could probably arrange to have a pedicab bring them back to the hotel.
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I think it's iffier on a non-game night; since the stadium is the only thing on that long block, you end up with a long deserted street. I wouldn't worry about it.

(Even the dodgy parts of Seattle are pretty safe, really— there are some places I'd recommend against hanging out in, but few I'd caution against walking through.)
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Having people around adds safety, I think. So the fact that the concert will be getting out when they leave helps by itself.
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I wouldn't go much further north than the hotel at that time of night, but on a game night you'll be okay.
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In March my husband and I were at ECCC and after a late nights downtown, walked from the rail to and all around the Silver Cloud (where we were staying on a few of the nights). On evenings something was going on in the stadiums, there were tons of people just going to where they needed to go to get home. On the other nights, we seemed like the only ones on earth, besides all of the parked police/security cars.

Walking past Safeco (for me anyhow) makes it feel like a longer walk than it actually is, but the first half of the walk, on the opposite side of the street, is all wide open parking lot, and doesn't really lend well to people congregating there looking for trouble. On the nights I was there, there weren't the groups of drunk party goers or panhandlers that you find elsewhere. It was actually kind of dull.

That is a fairly wide, well traveled street, and is well-lit. There is a brewpub right there that after-concert folks will probably migrate to.

The Silver Cloud is the place to stay for events down there, so there might possibly be more people walking that way than you think. They are also really great about transportation (they have a great free shuttle!) and could help arrange the pedicab.
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I don't have my September firmed up but it would take no prompting at all for me to attend that game and make myself available as a walkalong person or whatever, KR. Memail me if you'd like.
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1st Ave is well-lit in that area, and it's empty-- even the general homeless presence disappears from there at night, for the most part-- most of the shady areas that were around are now cordoned off for the deconstruction of the SR-99 Viaduct. If you were to continue up 1st Avenue, you'd get to the Pioneer Square, which is well-patrolled, and full of people (including people who've had too much) and homeless here and there.

If things look shady or something's blocked off, though do your best to stay on 1st. 2nd, 3rd, and all the alleyways and service roads in between are no place to be at night. Cross the street if you have to, but don't leave 1st.

Showbox SoDo is a cash-only ticketbooth, IIRC; there's a Key Bank on the next block south, next to the Krispy Kreme.

Have a good show and pleasant visit. I recommend the Underground Tour which is nearby in Pioneer Square, which I enjoyed when I was a 10yo boy (and again several times as I grew up).
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I should note, on rereading my comment, that everything everyone else is saying here is accurate; that is a close quick walk and should not be a problem.
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