Why the **** won't Amnesia start?
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Why won't Amnesia: The Dark Descent start?

I've looked up several threads (here, here and here) and it's gibberish to me. I didn't download Amnesia through a Steam client. Why would I need to mess with Steam in order to play Amnesia if I downloaded the game online?

I have a Macbook 13.1 with 2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo and 1 GB ram.

The game will flicker as if starting and quickly display a message that it closed unexpectedly.

Is it my hardware?
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C2D and 1G RAM sounds like not nearly enough horsepower. 'sez here you need 2 G.
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It's not only RAM though, you're also probably short on the graphics card power. Click on the Apple Icon in the task bar, then About This Mac. What does it say under Graphics/Displays?
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Intel graphics are inadequate for basically any 3D game. If you don't have nVidia or ATI, you're out of luck. The Core 2 Duo will handle it just fine, though.

FYI RAM is incredibly cheap these days. I recently ordered 8 GB of laptop memory for $41 on Newegg.
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Best answer: The system requirements on Steam specifically say that integrated Intel graphics are not supported, so yeah, if you don't have a video card the game won't run.
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Response by poster: Okay. Is a video card install possible?
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Response by poster: This is very helpful, too. Thank you, everyone.
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Best answer: Unfortunately, no you won't be able to upgrade the video card on your macbook. I'd look into get a very cheap pc, and sticking a decent video card in that. You could probably have something decent for around $400.
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