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International auto shipping recommendations wanted...

I'd be hugely grateful if anyone could share recommendations for international auto shippers. I've just sold a car via Ebay and my buyer wants to find a good firm that'll send an old Peugeot from London, England to Portland, CA. Many thanks!
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Portland, Oregon?

If the car would fit in a standard shipping container, that might be the cheapest option.
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Perhaps you could contact the British International Freight Association and ask for a recommendation? The DMOZ UK Freight Forwarding category lists at least two that handle autos: Autoshippers and Karman Shipping Ltd.

With google I found an interesting article on the opposite problem, shipping autos from the US to the UK, that might contain some details of use to you and it also lists Autoshippers.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips. I meant Oakland, CA... but it should all be sorted now. Future tips for anyone - containerisation is two or three times more expensive than sticking the car on a Ro-Ro.
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