Silfra diving
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Road tripping around Iceland in August. I am very on the fence about booking a dive trip in the Silfra fissure. Would love to hear from people that did it.

I am a certified diver and am intrigued by the idea of diving in Silfra. If I had more time in Iceland, I would definitely do it; however, my husband and I are trying to drive around the entire ring road in 8 days. Diving would be expensive (my husband would need to also get certified before we go), and would cost us a day of driving. This is not to say it's not doable.

I am just curious to hear from people that have done it. How amazing was the experience? How did it compare to other dive experiences? Is it a must do for Iceland?
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I haven't done this dive. I have driven around Iceland, and eight days is tight. I did it in 14 days, and it wasn't a rush, but it wasn't too slow either. We got out of the car often, because the landscape was so utterly amazing, changing every 20 minutes into something entirely different. The roads can actually have snow in August, and that may slow you down. There is so much to see, and it's so incredibly beautiful, that you probably won't miss this dive. That's my guess, anyway.

Alternatively, you could try snorkeling. This might be a reasonable compromise.

Have a great time. I used to live in Iceland, and am happy to answer any questions about it that I can.
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