What to do in Falmouth, Jamaica?
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So next week, my girlfriend and I are going on a cruise for our third year anniversary booked through Royal Caribbean that leaves from Florida and stops at Labidee, Haiti; Falmouth, Jamaica; George Town, Grand Cayman; and Cozumel, Mexico. This is my first cruise, and my girlfriend’s eighth cruise. We have already booked awesome excursions in Labadee (parasailing!), George Town (turtle farm and stingray city!), and Cozumel (snorkeling boat tour!), but we are unsure what to do in Falmouth since it’s a relatively new port. (more inside)

I was hoping to see the bioluminescent dinoflagellates at Oyster Bay, but unfortunately the ship sets sail at 7:00 PM. What should we do during our one day in Falmouth, Jamaica besides eat beef patties and drink Red Stripe? Neither one of us are particularly interested in checking out Dunn's River Falls.

Demographics: we’re both in our early twenties, and money is a concern - we have pocket spending budgets of about $300 for the whole week. Also, any general suggestions or recommendations would be welcome be they not limited to Falmouth.
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I'd stay on the ship. You don't have to get off at every port. There are tons of fun things to do on board and while everyone else is getting cornrows and beads put in their hair, you can get discounts on Spa services, enjoy a fancy lunch, or just hang out by the pool with a very small population.

(I'm holding a grudge against Jamaica and I wouldn't give them a dime!)

If you feel that you must at least get off the ship, make it a point to go into town, get that beef pattie and Red Stripe and then get back on the ship.
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You might want to check out the forums on CruiseCritic; the cruise nuts over in the Carnival forums might have some ideas of good things to do.
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Response by poster: Why the grudge against Jamaica? Also, what kind of discounts are you talking about as far as spa services are concerned?

I checked CruiseCritic before posting this and found it rather vague for the Falmouth port.

Just to gently reiterate, this is a Royal Caribbean cruise, not a Carnival cruise.
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I've done five cruises with RCI. On nearly every port day, they've offered spa deals ranging from 10-50% off normal rates. Port days are also the best time to sit by the pool and relax- since it's nearly the only time you can get a chair.
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