Glue to bond glass and ceramics
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Suitable glue to bond glass to ceramics - must dry clear, and be dishwasher proof (or at least waterproof)

I'm looking for some strong glue to bond glass (old wine glasses) to ceramics (plates). This is for a craft project, so it must dry clear, and the item may get wet or even be put in the dishwasher in the future, so it must be able to cope with that.

I went to my local B&Q store (I'm in the UK( and they didn't really have much idea, but sold me something which seemed to work very well (v strong and clear), but comes apart immediately in water.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what sort of glue I should get, and also where I could buy it (in the UK)?
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I've bought something called "household cement" in the states that claimed to be able to repair cracked china, and it worked as advertised. It was a clear gel and dried clear. It was fine in the dishwasher. Surely you have stuff to repair broken china in the UK as well?

Don't put it in the microwave, though.

Amazon has some likely results: Duco Household Cement

Elmer's Household Cement from

Araldite seems to make the sort of stuff you want as well.

No idea where you can buy this locally; I'd try a hardware store.
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E6000 is what you're looking for. Only two caveats: it expires after it's been opened, so you need a new tube every few months and it's toxic as all get out, so if possible apply it outside.
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That Araldite leahwrenn linked to should work fine. Or any glue that comes in two parts that you have to mix together (resin and a hardener). Any old hardware or DIY shop should sell it. B&Q certainly should, the useless sods.

I used something similar (some cheapo no-name brand) for my favourite Sheffield United mug I broke the handle off a couple of weeks ago. It's stood up to the dishwasher fine so far.
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I saw a craft post that was similar to this, and they recommended Gorilla glue epoxy which is supposedly pretty strong and water proof. I dunno about dishwasher safe though.
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I have used Elmer's China and Glass Cement to fix a handful of pieces of ceramic/boneware/earthenware and it has done what it says. The only "problem" is that the glue does not fill in lost material.
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