What game is this?
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I'm trying to find a game I used to play, just a couple of years ago. It was played in a web browser. There were no levels or objectives or other players; it was just you in a jeep driving around a 3-d racetrack set in a desert. It had a lot of glitches, such as falling down a hole that wasn't supposed to be there. There was weird music playing.
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Could it be Velociraptor Safari by Blurst?
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How about Gorillaz Final Drive?
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I'm at work, so it's not really appropriate to play it to check and see, but I'm pretty sure I remember that Gorillaz had some jeep driving game years ago. I think it was through the desert, and I'm pretty sure it was super-glitchy.

I bet if you google Gorillaz jeep game or Gorillaz driving game it'll be among the first results.
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