Birthday timez!
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I'm looking for a fun, whimsical birthday present for my girlfriend. I'm looking along the lines of this question, but for someone I know. Something unexpected, beautiful, and fun. My budget is about 100 dollars. She is a sports fan (basketball), a former journalist, loves to read, isn't really into music, loves gardening, and has a rabbit as a pet. She's thirty, turning 31. Any ideas would be most welcome.
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She sounds really neat! Especially the part about the Bunny.

How about a weekend excursion to see a WNBA game?

You don't say where you are, but there are teams in most of the major cities. The tickets will be very inexpensive and you can probably get a decent motel rate since it won't matter much where you actually sleep, if you have to travel to get there.

WNBA is really a fun time, lots of kids and families, low key, much less annoying than an NBA game.

Get your thunder sticks!
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Wow, this could almost be me except for the basketball part.
Anyway, do you have an arboretum near you?
Arrange a fancy picnic at one ahead of time (nice cheeses, spreads, breads, wine etc) and take her there.
Then, take her to the shop (or a local gardening place if the arboretum doesn't have one) and tell her to pick out whatever fancy plants/pots/tools she wants.
Or if you know already that she would like a certain plant but hasn't bought it yet because it's too expensive or impractical (I'm thinking jasmine or something like that), get her one and surprise her with it.
You could also get her a pretty plant stand that she will be able to have forever, even if the plants on it come and go.
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A framed botanical print. Or if you want to be creative. Get her some heirloom seeds and then mat and frame the packages.
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I was looking through Uncommon Goods the other day and stumbled across quite a few awesome kits that might appeal to someone who likes gardening. The planters and seed kits section is here and I particularly liked this mushroom growing kit. Not exactly great value, but oh so cute!
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Does she have a yard? Because I think a nice quality hammock would be a great present for someone who reads and enjoys spending time outside.
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This is going to seem off-the-wall, but if she HAS a garden, give her a load of compost or better yet, composted manure.

I am not kidding you. I am a gardener myself and I cannot think of a better gift.

My bonafides for suggesting this gift: I am a former journalist (current editor), love to read, not into music, lover of gardening, has a cat as a pet.

Other gifts that have endured with me: an unabridged Webster's dictionary, a pond and waterfall in my garden for which I provided equipment costs only (labor was free), and a set of the collected works of Cormac McCarthy.
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If you'd like to include her bunny, you can buy the components for a fantastic-looking rabbit playground.
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I went ahead and bought a hammock! Thanks for all of the tips!
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