Where is this picture of the Queen firing an SA80 from?
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Where is this picture of the Queen firing an SA80 from?

The picture linked below is of the Queen firing an SA80 on a bench rest. Can anyone dig up the details of the occassion? When, where and why was the queen doing this? Bonus points for who else is in the picture.

Thanks in advance.


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Read up here.
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Someone in the comments of Adm. Haddock's link provided this link as well, which is pretty awesome too.
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She does not appear to have terrible form!
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Rhizome, perhaps she hasn't lost all her training from WWII.
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Interesingly, sources suggest she does not shoot (i.e. hunt with a rifle or shotgun), although Philip, Charles, and William and Harry are all avid hunters and shooters.

She is not squeamish.
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Thanks. Anyone know what she was doing at Bisley? Opening something? Trying the new SA80? Which range is that? There is a big platform behind Stickledown range, but it doesn't look like the one in use there...
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