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I am looking for images of a Marilyn Minter painting that I believe was called Goldfinger.

My memory of this painting involves shiny gold fingernails encrusted with various jewels. For some reason, probably because I am misremembering the title of the work, I can't find any online images of the painting.
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No help here, but thanks for introducing me to Minter's work!
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I can not find an image online but I do have a lead for you.

Marilyn Minter, though not a true catalogue raisonné is pretty close to it ("This comprehensive book reproduces in full color nearly every painting Minter has made along with a wide selection of her painterly photographs of the last several years.")

The painting you are looking for would probably be listed in it.

New York Public has a copy that can be checked out at the Mid-Manhattan branch. There are other copies in the system but they are for on-site use only.

Good luck!
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