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Free FTP client that supports auto resume/retry?

Trying to download a file by FTP from a customer that needs my help.

It is not a large file by modern standards (18 MB), but the transfer rate is incredibly slow, 4 KB/s, and the connection keeps getting dropped. No, the connection isn't getting stalled, it really is a consistent 4 KB/s.

What FTP client will automatically resume the download multiple times until the download is completed?
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Filezilla has auto resume feature:
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Seconding FileZilla.
Just make sure to do some configuration first, if you plan on walking away. In Settings->Connection, there's a max # of retries option that's pretty low by default, and then at Settings->Transfers->File exists action, set the download action to "resume." Alternately, if a retry occurs while you're still around, the application will pop a prompt asking what you want to do, and allow you to specify that the choice should continue applying for the current batch of transfers.
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More direct download info here
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I'm pretty sure Filezilla is the apex application for FTP. Nobody's really developing new FTP clients anymore, and Filezilla certainly has the current market cornered.
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FireFTP also has this feature. Timeouts and retry counts are settable under Tools-Options->Connections.
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Another option is to figure out why the connection is so slow and is dropping. Or, maybe the customer can move the file at their site from one machine to another and drop it in a dropbox or something. Or pack the file into zip or rar, then split into individual pieces.

Third, if they are really on a modem, maybe you can dial into them directly and download it via kermit or zmodem.
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Have the customer snail-mail you a USB stick while you play FTP games, just in case.
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WinSCP is by far the best free Windows FTP client, I reckon, and still receives updates and bugfixes (on a non-annoyingly-frequent schedule).
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