Kindle, You're Creeping Me Out
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How is it possible that the Kindle Touch is automatically turned on when you first open the box?

I just watched my sister open the box for her new Kindle Touch. As soon as the box was opened, the device was turned on showing a message on screen about connecting it to a computer. I noticed the same thing when I first opened the box for mine a few months ago. How is this possible? Is the box designed in such a way to turn the device on, or does the Kindle somehow just stay turned on in a low power setting?
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Best answer: E-ink doesn't require any power to be on, it only requires power to change (i.e., turn pages). I can't even get my kindle to show "blank", when you turn it off it just shows a pre-loaded image.
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Exactly what brainmouse said - think of it like a digital etch-a-sketch.
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I had a similar experience on first opening mine--I couldn't figure out how to remove whatever invisible film was covering the screen.

It's a nice little discovery moment and really illustrates the power of the e-ink screen.
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It's not turned on. It's off and the Kindle displays what was last showing when it was turned off.
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Also, this is why a Kindle's battery life lasts so unbelievably long–because it's only actually using power when you turn the page. While you're reading the page, the device isn't using any power to hold that image on screen. (If you have WiFi on, it's using power for that. But not the screen!)
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Response by poster: Hmmm... E-Ink is creepier than I imagined. Anyway, thanks everyone for the answers.
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eink is nifty.
Fun fact - you can actually change the kindle from super-low-power 'sleep' to 'off' (and the reverse) by holding the slider for like 5 seconds.
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