Where to find the best sandwiches in Atlanta, GA?
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Best place for delicious sandwiches in Atlanta, GA?

My family is coming to visit me soon, and I have not explored my own city very much. We want to go eat delicious sandwiches, and I want to know the best place. I'm looking for something like Highland Bakery in Old Fourth Ward. (I would also consider going back there, but wondered if there was an even better place.)

I am in midtown, but would consider anywhere within 30 minutes or so, with bonus points for cute, in-town neighborhoods.

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OMG if the Kool Korner Grocery near GATech still sells Cuban sandwiches in the middle of the day, there is absolutely nowhere else that comes close...Research reveals they have a new location! Go! Go!
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Keep walking down from the bakery and at the corner of Highland and Elizabeth you will find Victory Sandwich a newer trendy place. (Cute. Check. In-Town. Check)
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Okay, how about not cute neighborhoods?

For Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich, you've got to go to Lee's Bakery on Buford Highway. The damn thing is $2 and it comes with a lovely watercress broth.

For a good Lechon sandwich, or a Media Noche, Havana, also on Buford is a good choice. The original place burned down, but they're now in a strip mall at Buford and Clairmont.

If you like the gyro thing, Mykonos Taverna is the spot, they have the best Tsatziki and desserts! They're at Clairmont and 85. In the Sam's Club parking lot.

Go down to where the meat packing district used to be, Westside Provisions District, and there's a neat little game place there called Ormsby's. It's a multi-level bar/games place with Bocce, pinball, pool tables. The corndogs are amazing!
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(I'm going to give you suggestions with my parents in mind. They kinda like cute and in-town, but are not really down with some of the sketchier, more "authentic" places.)

Flying Biscuit in Candler Park, close to L5P, is cute in the way the Highland Bakery is.

Fox Brothers is where you should head for some clean, non sketchy bbq.

Radial Cafe is a bit further down Decatur Ave and is fancy and polished in that modern way, but very green, almost crunchy.

The Albert is fun, small and good drinks.

All these should be reasonable in cost, easy to find, and feel accessible and not threatening. :)
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If you believe that a burger is a sandwich (some do, some don't), Flip is insane. I'm a vegan now, but I would seriously consider flipping back if I were dropped off there.

Vegan or not, the Garvey Burger at Soul Veg is not a meat-burger, but a hot vegan sandwich that is seriously great.
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stormygrey, you have it exactly. Thanks! We ate at Flying Biscuit last time, and it was a hit, but I want to take them somewhere new. I really like the look of Victory Sandwich!
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There are some delicious sammiches at Home Grown too. And at Soul Veg, they don't call it a Garvey burger; I think they call it a Kalebone sammich or something like that.
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Try Little's Food Store in Cabbagetown.
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OMG if the Kool Korner Grocery near GATech still sells Cuban sandwiches in the middle of the day, there is absolutely nowhere else that comes close...Research reveals they have a new location! Go! Go!

Probably worth noting that the new location is in Alabama.
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Victory Sandwich $4 high-end sandwiches?!!!? Are they so small you need to order 2 or something? If not, I'm moving.
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Star Provisions. Here's the sammich menu.

(Mail me one? Shrimp po' boy?)
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Nth-ing Flying Biscuit and Fox Brothers, and throwing Sun in my Belly into the mix.
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Alon's Bakery has good sandwiches, in addition to delicious everything else.
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Seconding Sun In My Belly and Victory. Yes, you generally need two sandwiches if you're thinking of a standard sandwich size, but you can add a side, too, for cheapies.

Fox Bros. Burger is its own thing. It doesn't belong in a sandwich discussion, but it belongs anywhere and everywhere anyway. It is delicious.

Holy Taco in East Atlanta is also a small, in-town neighborhood place with a ruuuuuuuude short rib torta.

Oh my lord they are also serving a softshell crawfish torta are you serious
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IN terms of sandwiches:

Parish's Marketplace (around the back of the building) consistently has great sandwiches. I take my family there frequently when they visit.

I second the Alon's recommendation- wonderful sandwiches!

Best burger on my list is now at H Harper Station- to DIE for (not such awesome scenery outside the restaurant, but whatever).

Holy Taco is wonderful, for real.

Other places I take my parents (not necessarily for sandwiches):

Holeman and Finch- great EVERYTHING, but adds up
Antico Pizza- Fantastic, authentic pizza with a unique atmosphere
South City Kitchen- consistently good nouveau southern food
Leon's (Decatur) - Just solid eats
Ria's Bluebird (for breakfast) - once named best pancakes in America by the NYTimes
West Egg Cafe (also for brunch)- May have even better pancakes
Barcelona - will take my parents here next time- great wine list, really like the food
Murphy's - consistently good, nice wine list. they actually tend to have nice sandwiches here and they consistently have the best soups
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Oh and HD1 (RIchard Blais' place outside of Flip (which I don't think is that good compared to Holeman and Finch and H Harper) is also quite good)
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