Best shopping and food in Burlington, VT?
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Best shopping and food in Burlington, VT?

My SO and I are heading down to Burlington, VT this weekend, from Montreal, for Saturday and Sunday. We're intending on doing some clothes shopping and to take advantage of the new personal exemption limits of $200 after 24 hours outside of Canada. I was hoping that you guys could point us in the direction of where the best clothing shopping can be found! Regular malls/outlet malls, etc. I'm personally looking to buy summer clothes, and perhaps some home items, like bedding. He's looking for casual shoes (think Converse level... but not Converse), as well as clothes. We're both in our early 30's, if that makes a difference.

We'll also be having a few meals there as well, so I'd appreciate any restaurant recommendations. Not necessarily fancy, but emphasis on good food.

Thanks everyone!
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For fun cool clothes, Church Street is where you'll want to go. It is lined with fairly upscale clothes stores for people in their early 30s. Mostly boutiques but there is also a Banana Republic.
Best clothes/shoes for that age group and fairly reasonably priced = Stella (Mae)

However, if you're looking for a "mall" - BTV is really lacking.
There is the Church Street Mall, which used to be kind of yucky, but flipped into upscale. It doesn't have a ton of variety like a normal mall. However, there is a Gap and a J. Crew.
There is also the South Burlington Mall, which is now the "crappy" mall and I can't think of many stores there that would appeal to your demographic. I only used to go out there occasionally for kids clothes.
In Essex Junction there is the Essex Outlets. It isn't the AWESOMEST outlet shopping - they really only have the basics - Ralph Lauren, Hanes, and a few others.

As far as food, my faves include Luenigs and American Flatbread.
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Seconding American Flatbread. I still have spontaneous foodgasms thinking about the bubbling, fresh out of the fire pizza there.
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Burlington pretty much solely consists of Church St Marketplace. You'll be able to find decent shopping on or around that area.
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The Vermont Pub & Brewery, which is only a couple of blocks from the Church St. Marketplace.
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Shopping on the Marketplace is great, but stay the HELL away from the restaurants. You'll get significantly better food just a block or two off of Church St. for the same or better prices. Some to consider:

Farmhouse Tap and Grill (incredible beer selection, upscale pub food)
Bluebird Tavern (great cocktails, gastro-pub)
Pistou (James Beard Award nominated bistro)
L'Amante (Northern Italian fine dining, incredible wine list)
Trattoria Delia (Old-World Italian fine dining, incredible wine list)
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You will want to experience the joy that is Al's French Frys. Nearby is a place called Marco's Pizza that has good pizza and amazing sandwiches.
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omg, Al's. yes.
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Our go-to eatery when we drive from Montreal to Burlington is the aforementioned Farmhouse Tap and Grill. We've never been disappointed.

We're also fans of the City Market Co-Op. It's got a surprisingly good wine selection (half price off of SAQ for California wines), and a good place for organic meat.
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For brunch, Magnolia or Penny Cluse.
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If you're feeling up for some pasta I would head to Bove's. It is a little out of 1950, but really good food and not that expensive. I always make sure to stop by whenever I am in town and it is just a quick walk away from Church Street. If you are up for some nice greasy stuff then definitely head to Al's. If you are up for more of a pub grub thing I would head to RiRa's. I'll let others talk about the shopping as I am more about the nice food.
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I don't know much about the shopping scene here, but restaurants I like are:

Farm House
Asiana Noodle House
Bluebird Tavern
Our House (Winooski)
American Flatbread

Magnolia for breakfast/brunch!
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Farmhouse Tap & Grill is hands-down my favourite place to eat and drink when visiting Burlington. Great local foods with awesome local and regional beers. Seriously, TF&G is a destination restaurant. We travel to Burlington just to go there. Glad Burlington is so close to Vermont so we can!
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