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North Americana Filter: Find the 10 best pictures taken from each decade onwards from 1910 to 2010?

I have always been fascinated by the rapid development of the USA and Canada. Is there a website or tools that do this?
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I'm a little confused at what you are looking for here. Are these just iconic images of North America from the decades?

Incidentally, North America is a lot more than just New York, where all your samples are from!
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(The photographer of the second picture, Andreas Feininger, is well worth googling for)
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It's a dream question for arcivists and reference librarians. You can have a lot of fun searching for and debating the "10 best" photos of every decade, and it sounds like a very fine idea for a site or blog.

Places to search:

The Library of Congress' American Memory online collection
Historic Photo Archive
Historic Image Collections, Photographic Libraries - many links
World Press Photo contest winners archive
Pulitzer PRize for Photography Winners

And so on. You could have plenty of debate, as well, as to what kinds of photos qualify. Does it have to be of notable events during the decade? Or just images that express the zeitgeist of that decade, or social movements that were going on, like women riding bicycles in the teens?
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Vintage Toronto is a popular source of photographs of the old Toronto. They have a Facebook group and a blog.
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The soiling of old glory
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