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Any tips for a burner newbie? I'm going to Nowhere in Spain, not Burning Man itself. I've selected a barrio already. Any pointers for a kilt that's suitable for 40°C days, as well as potentially cold nights, preferably with pockets?
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I don't know anything about Nowhere, or much about burning man, but if you are looking for a practical kilt with pockets check out the utilikilt store.

They are in Seattle but you can order online.
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The pointer is uber duber capilene longjohns under. Unless they're verboten by your druidtribe. In which case better start using hairtonic and thickening your legpelts.
*sniff* /jelous
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Response by poster: Ahh, I've fairly advance longjohns that I never wear, sounds good. I suppose kilt with longjohns doesn't adequately replace emergency jeans though, huh?

I'm infinitely more concerned about how kilts fare when it's hot outside though. Any thoughts about materials or heat? I suppose nudity really sounds like the best option if temperatures actually exceed human body temperature (37°C) though, fare enough.
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In hot weather, especially with a breeze, kilts can be amazing if you're wearing them commando. Even if there is no breeze, just do a subtle little hoola-hoop kind of motion and its like free air conditioning.
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Sportkilt. I have one in the California State Tartan, and it is awesome. Lightweight in the heat, probably do well on the cool Playa nights.
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Response by poster: Nowhere was amazing. I should go to Burning Man next year.
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