Who made this short stop-motion movie, and what was its name?
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Help me find this short Polish stop-motion film from a few years ago..

Something like 2-4 years ago, I watched a short, 5-10 minutish film online by a female Polish director about a small creature in a sort of doll house who carried a picture of his idol. The creature wanted to look like him, but was too hairy and got depressed -- until his idol shows up, harboring the same self-image problems -- I remember seeing this film with a great voice-over by the director and somewhat shoddily done translated English subtitles narrating his actions -- "Now, [creature] looks in the mirror, but he does not like what he sees"; that sort of thing. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Best answer: Is it Natalia Brożyńska's Shivering Trunks?
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Response by poster: To a T! Thanks!
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