Help fix a corrupted .wma file
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Can you help me repair this corrupted .wma file?

I had the same problem with my voice recorder earlier, but I can't figure out how to fix it. (I tried messaging pocams too.) I tried importing it into various audio editing programs, but it won't open. It just gives me "header errors".
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What is the bit and sampling rate? It helps to know what it’s supposed to be if you’re trying to fix it.
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Can you post a good file made from your recorder with the same settings? Even 10 seconds worth. say "Hi Metafilter" or record something from TV.
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I tried what was tried previously. Recovered about 6:30min of some religious recording. But I'm guessing there's more and I only got that much because my reference file was 6:30min. Don't know what to do next though.

PS: maybe it's time to buy a recorder that doesn't eat audio files...
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I can't get the file right now (Google Docs is blocking it because of too many downloads) but sbutler, you're on the right track. When I replaced the header before, I ran into the same problem you did. I ended up running a WMA repair tool on it, and after that it would play fully in VLC, although the end time wasn't displayed correctly.

I'll try to track down the exact repair tool I used tomorrow, but in the meantime, if you try any kind of WMA repair utility on the file with the fixed header, that may get it to play.
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Here's the file if someone else wants to try their hand: fixed.wma. Command I used to generate it (using the reference file pocams found earlier) on OS X/Linux:
cp WS_10001.WMA fixed.wma
dd if=WS_10004.WMA of=fixed.wma conv=notrunc bs=1 count=16384

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I tried the same header-replacing trick using the 69-minute concert from the same place as before and I can play the first 45 minutes of it in Winamp and VLC, although seeking is a little dicey. Repaired file is here. Is that the whole recording?

Since I'm on Windows, I used Python and the following commands:
>>> original = open('WS_10001.wma', 'rb').read()
>>> goodfile = open('WS_10006.wma', 'rb').read()
>>> fixed = goodfile[:16384] + original[16384:]
>>> open('fixed.wma', 'wb').write(fixed)

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Thanks everyone for the help, pocams got it. Working great now. I'm definitely replacing the recorder for good now.
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