How do I copy and paste from Chrome to Word without formatting?
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I just started using Chrome. I need to be able to copy text phrases from any random website into MS Word and have it be unformatted or better yet formatted as Times New Roman 12 pt. I'm on a mac. I've been trying to figure this out for so long that it's made me regress. Please talk to me like I'm five and help. HELP.

I'm not sure what else I can do to explain this seemingly simple problem. I tried the system pref/keyboard shortcut/app shortcut thing and it seemed like it worked once and then it stopped.

I added the Copy Without Formatting extension and it never worked at all.

Help, please, I'm tired of having to retype everything when that darn command v is right there.
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Right-click -> Paste Special -> Paste without formatting (at least in Word 2008 for OS X)
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Copy from web then in Word: Edit > Paste special... > unformatted text
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Here's some useful info from a question at Superuser!
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Ditto the above. If you're familiar with Word macros at all (there are tutorials out there), you can save this one and then assign it a keyboard shortcut, which is what I do:

Sub PasteUnformattedText()
End Sub

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I use Text Edit (and Notepad when I am on Windows). If you change the preferences to use Plain Text -- I think the default might be Rich Text -- I just:

- copy and paste into Text Edit
- immediately recopy (while it's still highlighted) and paste into Word.

Presto! It will be formatted however you like; if your default is TNR 12 it will paste into a new document as TNR 12.
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With Office 2011, Microsoft added the "Paste and Match Formatting" to Word so it will match the formatting of the document that you are pasting the text into (so if the document is Times New Roman 12, then that's what the . The keyboard shortcut is Shift+Option+Command+V.

It will maintain URLs the text as hyperlinks (in the same typeface as your document but underlined in blue).
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I set this up once for a Mac that was running Word 2008 using the second AppleScript on this page. It worked just fine.
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Thanks for asking this! While the answers provided above seem much more efficient, I’ve been dealing with the same problem by always keeping a tab open to this text translation website and just copy/paste/recopying in the entry window.
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Paste the text into Chrome's address bar. Then copy/paste it out from there.
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This may just motivate me to update from word 2004. Thanks everyone. All answers have been helpful and also made me feel less like a lone loon.
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Also, instead of using Word, you can paste into Text Wrangler (or BBEdit, but that costs money) and it will automagically strip out any formatting.
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I suffered from this problem for a long time, pasting from browser to Word and vice-versa and driving myself nuts. (I'm also on a Mac.) Thankfully, I recently came across a tiny app in the App Store called Format Match which generally speaking works perfectly to do as you ask. Once in a rare while, the native copy-and-paste behavior is actually preferable, but like I said, that's rare. Format Match is a godsend, and it's free.

It's also much simpler than any other solution posted here, at least in my experience, because I've tried them all. You simply set Format Match to load on startup and there it is, always operating in the background. It sits in Finder's menu bar so you can always turn it off if need be.
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Paste the text into Chrome's address bar. Then copy/paste it out from there.

I do this as well (but using the Firefox search field).
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Easier than the above, imo is ALT-E-S, which gives you several pasting options. I use it frequently.
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