Where to host a reunion in Wisconsin?
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Looking for a place in Wisconsin about halfway between New Lenox, IL and Minneapolis, MN to hold a reunion with my cousins. Only requirements: camping and hotel lodging with a conference room to rent (in case of bad weather), and cheaper than most Wisconsin Dells resorts.

Here are my ideal amenities:

-not too crowded/not in a city
-closer to IL than MN (our oldest relative will be traveling from New Lenox)
-camping and hotel under one management
-with a pond or lake for swimming and fishing/hiking around
-cheaper than most Dells places (not adverse to a water park nearby, but it's not necessary at all. Lower price is more important.)

This would be for an August weekend (I know, cutting it close!), so it may be a long shot. I'm hoping someone knows of a secret Ma 'n' Pa place or small state park (with a hotel nearby) in southwestern Wisconsin that no one else goes to.

If this helps, I've really enjoyed stays at Brown County State Park in IN and Apple River Canyon State Park in IL
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Lake Kegonsa state park, in Stoughton is a very nice state park. It's on Lake Kegonsa, pretty cheap as far as I know, and I think you'd be able to find places in Stoughton that you could rent for that sort of thing. The American Legion have a pretty large conference room.
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Get a spot or two at Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, WI. There's tons to do around there and I'm sure you can find a bad weather backup at a hotel in town. You could look in to renting out one of the covered pavilions/rooms at Devil's Lake for your reunion.

Devil's Lake is the busiest state park in Wisconsin (and maybe in the region, if I remember correctly), so make sure you book earlier than later.
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The Galena IL area and the Lacrosse, WI area are both nice, and have what you are looking for in camping and in hotels, plus a lot of nice local ambience. Prarie du Chein WI also fits the bill.
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Second nomination for Devil's Lake

There's also a resort attached to the park (http://www.nordicpines.com/) that offers camping sites and cabins.

It's close to Baraboo for hotels.
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