Binoculars for outdoor music festivals?
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Looking for binoculars for mostly outdoor concerts and festivals.

I've seen questions about binoculars for birding and outdoor activities and this question about binoculars/opera glasses for indoor venues. I'd like to buy something suitable for outdoor venues (e.g., Stubb's in Austin) and lawn festivals (ACL). I'll be standing/sitting well away from the stage at the festivals but will be closer to the stage at Stubb's. I also very occasionally go to large indoor stadium shows (e.g., Erwin Center) and would like to use the same binoculars there.

Complicating factors: I'm extremely nearsighted and need glasses to function; my aging eyes are about to start needing bifocals.

1. Will one pair of binoculars do for both types of venues? (If not, I'm primarily interested in ones that will work at outdoor festivals.)
2. How much money am I looking at spending?
3. What specifically should I be looking for in a pair of binoculars for this purpose, if there are different features?
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Best answer: I suggest you start with a simple set of 8x21 binoculars from a decent brand name. Like this one. They're small and lightweight and usually come with a case. This is likely all you need for the outdoor concerts. It could be OK for indoor venues too. Yes, that inexpensive. (Around $15.00 here in 2012) Go get one now, any department/discount store has them around that price.

After that one, prices go way up to even $500. They can give more magnification, more low light capability, sometimes stabilization with electronics which would require a battery. But I recommend starting with that 8x21 design first, and discover if you want more capability and cost.
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