Looking for more long form websites
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I'm looking for more long form websites

Since setting up instapaper, I've really gotten into reading long form journalism. The only problem is that I only know three websites: The Feature, Longform and Longreads. I also used SportsFeat and Let's Get Critical but they've been on break for a few months.

What are some other great long form sources? I would be interested in any subject
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Arts & Letters Daily frequently posts long-form stuff, but you have to hit the links to see for sure. Still, I generally find quite a bit of good stuff there.
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I also find good things at The Essayist and The Long Good Read.
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Create an account at Instapaper.com, and browse.
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I recently discovered At Length Magazine, an online journal of longer-form writing. (Incidentally, the story that lured me in was "The Showrunner," by Frankie Thomas--definitely worth a read.)
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Via Instapaper lists the top shared "via Instapaper" articles on Twitter
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Omnivore looks amazing.
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