How does Irish inheritance work?
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What can you tell me about Irish inheritance, wills and power of attorney and similar legal things?

My father unexpectedly died very recently, and my siblings and I have been sorting out his affairs. He kept good records and a will, which is very helpful.

However, my grandmother has Alzheimers and is in a nursing home in Ireland, and my (elderly) grandfather and dad transferred my grandparents' Irish property (or possibly part-transferred?) into my dad's name. Dad had also been dealing with some or most of their affairs on their behalf, possibly with a power of attorney obtained when my grandmother was slightly more competent. The only difference between the Irish and English wills is how many of us siblings are named as executors. We have found some information about dad's Irish affairs. but not much

I'm fairly familiar with English law on things like this. I know the basics, where to find information, and can judge when I will need help. I don't really know anything about Irish law and am not quite sure where to start - and I want to understand things better before we talk to dad's Irish solicitor.

Can you tell me what you know, and where I should look for information?
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Best answer: For a general overview of any thing legal in Ireland I've found the citizens information website is usually very good. This section seems to cover the different things you're asking about and might be a place to start at least?
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