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Two questions based around I would like to know, probably rough, figures for customer base and the average percent discount they have on books.
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Apologies for not answering the question, but i think you are unlikely to get any definitive answer for this unless it's directly from a source at Amazon - which is unlikely. You could google some business blogs as they often talk about Amazon's supposed user base, but I am not sure how they collate those figures.

As for the average discount they have on books, again, a definitive answer might be hard to come by, as Amazon themselves set the prices on kindle exclusive titles, and i gather the pricing algorithm is a big industry secret. As for standard paperback/hardback book, well the RRP (Recommended retail price) for those depends on lots of different factors - some are set by publishers, others are raised/ lowered via demand.

Text book pricing is again - an all together more non-average thing because academic time of year, and editions and even subjects covered can all affect a books pricing.

good luck finding an answer, but I would be very surprised if you can find anything definitive.
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