Kimono in London
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Where in central London, not online, can I buy a nice ladies kimono (say a silk one about £150 or so) right now?
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Not really, since a) the central London Chinatown is almost entirely travel agencies, trinket shops, and restaurants and b) It is probably a Japanese kimono the OP wants.

Perhaps Mitsukoshi or the Japan Centre shop - the area on Regent's Street around #14 has a cluster of Japanese shops. Unfortunately, the specialty UK retailer Japanya is online only.

As a side note, if you are not looking for a Japanese Kimono, and just want a kimono-style piece of ladies lingerie, almost any of the major shops will do - Agent Provocateur was the main one that came up in a search, but their kimonos are pricy.
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Thanks to all. I'm on my way to Regent's Street!
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I got one, btw - thanks again.
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