holy crap this might've been the only thing you could actually DO with google wave
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My manperson/GM wants to play Dawn of Worlds, a roleplaying game where people collaboratively make a map, online. In order to do this, we need some kind of platform that can allow people to collaboratively edit an image with state saving and rollbackable images.

Google Draw has the rolebackability and communication style that we want but it's not great for mapmaking. Something like DeviantArt's Muro, but collaborative and state-saving, would be great. Oekaki software is too buggy and low-res.

Does anything exist that we could do this kind of thing with?
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I am not quite sure if this would be as complex as you need it, but I've had kids work to annotate a map using Concept Board though it may be too word-focused for your needs.
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That might at least work for the 2nd and 3rd ages, after the map is a bit more solidified. But I'm open to other ideas.
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Doceri is rollbackable & allows collaboration among users on the same network, not sure about online.
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