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I am applying to a MBA program and need to submit a resume, how do I change my professional resume into one that fits a graduate program application?

Should the resume include an objective? qualities/qualifications? credentials? should education come first or work experience?
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I recently was accepted to a top-tier program using my standard resume, which had qualifications followed by experience followed by education. Honestly, so long as it's a good, professional resume, they'll care a lot more about the content than the formatting.
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You do not. The MBA is a professional degree program.
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No objective. Just a standard professional resume. Google around for templates. Here are a few.
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The only thing you might want to do (beyond mullacc's formatting suggestions) is a slight edit to emphasize any experience with statistics or accounting (two areas many MBAs start off lacking) and general numeracy, as well as any experience working in or leading teams (since MBA work tends to be done collaboratively.)
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People don't put objectives any more even on job search applications. If you feel the need to summarize your resume or point out your achievements, put 3-4 points on very top that stresses your qualifications. For example, MBA admissions committee seek leadership experience, academic achievements among others. If you've had progressive work experience use this space to state that.

Then put work experience, then education. You'd put education if you recently graduated but everybody applying to MBA has a bachelor's degree, so your resume is to stress your work experience and state, under each position, what you accomplished, not what your duties were.

Also add extra curricular activities, accomplishments, part-time jobs(in a separate category if you supported yourself during college, if many then add a pointer under college degree instead of listing 7 different part time meaningless jobs(unless you had management experience)).

I'd also add language abilities, even if you studied little bit, say Basic French, Fluent in Spanish, Elementary German, etc.

Some people add hobbies that show a different side of you and add a personality to an applicant. Hobbies that involve team work, leadership, project management helps.

Depending on the years of work experience, your resume can be longer than a page. The point is to make it easy for the admissions com to read it. It's well organized, looks attractive(not too much white spaces between lines, but then again not too wordy).

Good luck, and if you're completely clueless about it, get someone to review it and get their feedback. Take a long-term approach and review it after a day or two of being away from it. Spell check, check the grammar, make sure every sentence ends in a period. Make sure you use the font strategically.

Good luck!!!
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