What currently existing music library-type service lets you easily share single songs on Facebook without having to upload said songs yourself OR forcing a user to approve an app/sign up?
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Are there any handy, currently working, copyrighted-music-hosting-library services that will let you share a single streamable audio link to a single song on Facebook (like YouTube or Soundcloud do) - WITHOUT requiring listeners to sign up/give permissions to an app?

Ergo: Spotify, no. Songza, no (and I think resurrected Songza only lets you share playlists, and not individual songs)

I feel like I've had dubious success previously trying this with last.fm, and I don't remember what Grooveshark allows.

Basically, I just want to be able to search for a particular tune if I think it's cool, and post it so people can click on it and go "you're right, dude, i've listened to the whole song now and it is that cool!" But I don't want people to have to approve apps or sign up for any kind of account to do so. I suspect the answer for now is "keep abusing Youtube, everybody's doin' it" or "upload said song to your own webserver/soundcloud account and do it that way."

Yeah, ok. Wah. First world problems. Just checkin'.
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Oh shit, you already mentioned Grooveshark. I still recommend it.
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I know you said no, but...

Spotify is taking over. People will want to sign up for it once they figure out what it is, anyway. Plus it has pretty good Facebook integration (e.g. it spams your friends with your plays quite well).
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This is my Jam.
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Chutz - looks like Grooveshark requires accounts for the sharer as well as the listener, so it's out.

Nrob - I basically refuse to give 3rd party apps permission to access my Facebook data. Yep, I'm that guy who keeps signing up with separate email addresses and making separate accounts for all my web-based services. Stubborn I may be, but that's how I roll. ; )

Caek - Hm. Doesn't appear to show a 'play' button on FB that I can see (thus requiring the following of link to said jam instead of instant play). But I do appreciate the offer.
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Waaaat hang on. Sorry if I'm being completely ignorant and redundant, but I can't imagine Grooveshark not being the answer here.

Alright, play-by-play time: Grooveshark. I logged out of that AND Facebook, so as far as everyone cares I'm a Moon man. I'm looking up "Willie" by Cat Power. It's loaded and is playing successfully, no prompts or bones about it.

In the meantime, the album art has shown up in the horizontal playlist at the bottom of the screen. There's a grey "down" arrow on the album art's bottom-left corner. Clicking it reveals a drop menu with all kinds of goodies. Navigating to and hovering over "Copy URL" reveals three flavors of URL. "Song URL" is the one we want, so *click* and no prompts here, either.

It's on my clipboard now and now it's actually right here.

Now, the crux: It plays in Facebook when shared on Facebook, no questions asked!

I can't see this not working unless you live in a jail.
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