Building a basement bathroom.
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Anyone here build a basement bathroom with an up-flush toilet?

I'm finally going to redo the only bathroom in our house. While the contractor assures me the toilet will be put back at the end of each day, with four people living here we average using the toilet every ninety minutes. My first thought was an on-site porta potty, which everyone thought was nuts. How about a nice two bedroom suite? It's summertime on Long Island, a nice place is about $250 a day. Ouch.

So I thought about putting in a half-bath in the basement. Since the main septic line is halfway up the wall, I'll need to use an up-flush toilet. I've been looking at a Sanicompact from Saniflo. I like it because it doesn't have a giant tank, it only needs water and electricity, doesn't need to be vented, and I can run the outflow from a vanity into it. The downside is I can't install a shower, but I had no plans to anyway. The basement is unfinished, so I'd only need to put up a couple of walls and a door. I should be able to do this for $2000-$2500, which is a lot more than staying at a hotel, but it might add a little value to the house.

Can't use a composting toilet, the town won't allow it and I'm not humping the compost up the basement stairs.

Anyone put in an up-flush bathroom? What should I beware of?
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We had one in our last house. No idea of the brand but it had a kind of disposal/chopper in it to chop up wastes. Worked great except for one time when it stopped up. Hubby had to open it up and pulled out almost a whole roll of paper towels. We had just had friends who stayed in the basement bedroom, no idea what that was about and didn't want to ask. Except for that one issue, it worked fine. And it truly had to flush a long way up..... Good luck!
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How about a travel toilet, for this one time, so far, use? Something like this.
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I presume the builders are bringing their own? And you can't use it during the day?

A chemical toilet as suggested by caclwmr4 in a temporary enclosure would seem like the simplest and cheapest solution, and is easily reversible when the builders leave. You can empty it when your systen is back on line each evening (or whenever).
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Sorry about the pun ...
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A porta-potty isn't remotely nuts. The crew is going to need facilities as well, and if you don't provide them, they're going to bring in a... porta potty. Check with your contractor!
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My sister and brother in law have one of these. I know they have had problems with it; I have been advised not to ask for details of these problems.
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