Innovative jiaozi (potsticker, dumpling) fillings
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Jiaozi, dumplings, potstickers, Chinese ravioli, gyoza: as many possible fillings as there are names for these delicious, delicious mouthfuls. In a couple weeks I will host a dumpling party. What are your recommended filling recipes? Of course there will be the standard pork, which I learned from a Taiwanese mom; there will be an attempt to replicate the long-discontinued Trader Joe's Chicken Fajita dumplings; and what else...? Recipes for known standards like seafood and vegetable are welcome, but more innovative entries are truly the best answers.
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I don't have a recipe for this, but if you could perfect your Shanghai Soup Dumpling technique in time for the party, that would be amazing.
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I have no recipes but must link Deathalicious's awesome Meat Stuffed in Dough FPP.
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How do you feel about pierogis?
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Polish-style: mashed potatoes, cheese, onions (okay, they're pierogies).
Irish-style: corned beef or sausage, cabbage, potato.
SpecialAgentWebb-style: buffalo chicken, celery.
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mushrooms! mushrooms&cabbage!
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Apple dumplings!
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My friend made 'em with shrimp one time, and they were so good! Nevertheless, despite my entreaties, every time since she's only made her default: pork-and-chives.
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I am too late to suggest the pierogi, but not too late to suggest the wonder that is the sweet potato variant. The best Chinese food cart in my region serves this stewed pumpkin (which i do not know how to make) that would work similarly.
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Don't forget the kreplach.
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Jiaozi stuffed with mock duck in char Sui sauce is a fan favorite at our dim sum parties.
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Strongly seconding the soup dumplings, although I suspect they're pretty tricky to make. That Bon Appetit recipe in the first comment looks good, but if you end up looking for more the name "xiao long bao" will help with the googling.
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Sichuan wontons in red oil
Kimchi dumplings
Lamb Dumplings with Cumin and Garam Masala
French Onion Soup Dumplings
Char Siu (BBQ Pork) Dumplings
Tibetan Beef Dumplings
Jamaican Beef Dumplings
Thai Dumplings

Sohui Kim of the Good Fork in Brooklyn makes the best pork and chive dumplings I've ever had. The secret is the tofu and hoisin in the filling. Make sure you use the flat garlic chives.
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You know xiao long bao, or soup dumplings? I think the Din Tai Fung chains in Taiwan serve a dessert version with red bean paste in them.
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nappa cabbage shredded with yellow chives and pork. 10:1:1 ratio. weigh the mix and add %1 salt by weight. let is sit a few hours then mix vigorously, stuff and cook. sauce is 1:1 rice vinegar and soy sauce with a little chili oil on top.

yellow chives are the most amazing thing in dumplings.
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Steamy kitchen has lots of offerings. I like the wonton soup.
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My favourite one in my favourite dumpling restaurant is the lamb coriander (with the soup inside). Kimchi dumplings are also great and my favourite vegetarian choice.
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Apple lavender dumplings with a honey glaze.
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My favorite jiaozi fillings are lamb or pork+corn. If you want a quick try, check out the "shandong" brand at any chinese grocery store. Delicious!
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Not sure if this is cheating, but for a sweet dish/dessert that fits in with the theme, you could do steamed bums filled with red bean paste or sesame paste. It's still a steamed doughy thing filled with other things, though I'm not sure if the word "bun" disqualifies it.

They have these premade and ready to steam in the frozen section of Asian markets, and they are delicious.
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It may not translate to potstickers well, but a great pierogi filling is finely chopped mushrooms, finely chopped bacon, and vidalia onions. Saute slowly until you can't stand it any more and everything's brown. Smacznego!
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1. finely mince pork mince (means you chop it to a near-paste after buying it as mince).
2. roughly chop scallion and ginger, whack them with the knife and put them in water.
3. use that water to "thin out" the pork mince by using your hands and quickly moving them around. Do that until it is getting pretty goopy.
4. add finely chopped ginger, garlic and scallion, a touch of soy sauce and a decent amount of (untoasted!) sesame oil.
5. wrap the dumplings.
6. serve with a dipping sauce made from finely chopped (pickled) red chili, garlic, black vinegar and soy sauce. If you're not going with the sauce, add more salt to the dumpling filling.
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Alas, part of the dumpling party is making the dumplings and since 9/10 participants are novices, I don't think I'll put them through the xiao long bao yet! That will be an adventure for another time...

This time we're definitely going for the faguo de jiaozi, ripping on the mushroom/bacon/onion version with a very little Reblochon to make it a tartiflette filling, as the third savory option.

This morning I woke up remembering a really good dumpling place in Manhattan that had a sweet potato or stewed pumpkin option, with pine nuts and goji berries. Maybe cobaltnine and I are even thinking of the same place. I'll do either that or something with adzuki for a sweet variety (all adzuki or kurogoma would be way too heavy in this kind of wrapper, I think).

Thank you for the beautiful suggestions!
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Dumpling Man has the menu I was thinking of with the pumpkin option. Apparently it's good because I had that dumpling in 2003 or so and it's still there: home made pumpkin pie mix with goji berries, honey and condensed milk.
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Shrimp and edamame dumplings are one of my faves.

The recipe is here.

You can also sub pork, or all veg.
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If you use any kind of pork, the killer to make it superfresh and delicious by adding hwa vegetable.

Find something about Hwei Hsiang Miao vegetable from china, and your pork dumplings will LOVE you.
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Party update!! Everybody agreed that the unconventional flavors were DELICIOUS but I do come back with a fair warning to the rest of you that you might have to warn your fellow diners about your predelictions for innovation. Especially the ones from Asian countries, who may take it as a bit of an insult to jiaozi, or the French ones that think you wasted a wedge of Reblochon, before even getting a try of the dumpling. The recipes are only approximate, but that's the best way.....

2 big waxy potatoes
200 g lardons
100 g Reblochon (stinky cheese), cubed
2 cloves garlic
mushrooms (optional)
oil, salt, pepper

Get the potatoes boiling to cook them. Meanwhile, in a different frying pan, heat enough oil to brown the garlic in. Then add the lardons. Let the meat cook. When the potato is cooked, remove the skin and add it to the pan with the ham and garlic. Mash and mix. Add cheese and mix through. Salt and pepper as desired.

1 big orange-inside sweet potato
handful of raisins or other dried fruit
~2T sweetened condensed milk
~1T honey

Soak raisins in hot water to make them plump and juicy. Boil sweet potato until cooked. Mash cooked sweet potato with raisins, adding milk and honey and salt to adjust the flavor and consistency as you like it. Pine nuts may be a good addition but they were not available to me this time.

500 g chicken
1 large tomato
1 large onion
2 cloves garlic
fresh coriander
frush cumin
salt, pepper
fajita seasoning

Chop and mix. Unlike the potato recipes, DO NOT COOK before
stuffing into the dumplings. It will cook up like the normal pork type recipes, but with chicken.
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