Craft cocktails in Providence, RI
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Craft cocktails in Providence, RI? Looking for any craft cocktail bars in the city that you care to recommend, though especially in the downtown area, if any exist there. Thanks.
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Julian's takes their bar program pretty seriously, but it's not downtown.
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You want to go to Tini. You might also try The Dorrance.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Downtown will be more convenient for me, but anywhere in Providence is fine. Know anything about The Avery?
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The Dorrance is the best around (though the atmosphere can get less than ideal on weekend nights). If you feel like leaving downtown, check out Cook & Brown on Hope Street.
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The Avery is great, although likely to be very, very crowded on the weekends.
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Local 121 is downtown and has an excellent cocktail menu and a lovely setting.
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Kartabar pleased me the other night by having cucumber to serve in drinks made with Hendrick's.

Otherwise everyone already hit the recommendations I would have made.

Next time any of you folks feel like heading out in search of quality cocktails hit me up! Just moved to town recently myself.
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Response by poster: We wound up going to The Dorrance on a Saturday night at 6pm—seven of us, with no reservation, wound up being no problem. (Oddly, The Dorrance had been host to two big parties that were connected to the convention I was attending on the prior two nights.) It was a terrific experience. Both the cocktails (I had a Check Out Mai Tai and a Rye Generation) and the food were impressive (the pretzel bread is just the bomb). Our server, David, was also super-friendly and helpful and explained everything that needed to be explained. Also, The Dorrance is just beautiful inside—evidently it was once a bank, and the vault (now a tiny lounge) still exists. I strongly recommend it.

I also went to dinner one night at Local 121 (food was good) but did not have any drinks. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations!

P.S. I made a Google Map of all the places suggested in this thread.
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